AI Voice bots for going beyond just text

Enhance customer experiences with AI Voice Bot that talks understands, and interacts like a human. The powerful AI engine automates Inbound and Outbound Voice calling cycles, ensuring your brand has fluid conversations with customers on all digital and voice channels.

Save an average of 60% in customer supporting costs

AI voice bot agents speak in more than 80 languages to re-create human tone and conversation with customers while being smart enough to offer personalization based on their status quo, usage patterns and relevant data. The powerful NLP engine enables faster First-Call Resolution (FCR) by 50%, while lowering Average Call-Handling Time (AHT) by 20%.

Quick service query resolution

Everything You Need
to Build a Powerful Connect


Handle Inbound Calls

AI Voice agent to handle incoming calls, right from lead qualification to addressing customer queries. Easily transfers call when things get complex


Automate Customer Survey

Automate customer feedback, gather product review, conduct market research or measure satisfaction with voice sentiment analytics,


Tackle Support Tickets

Follow-up with latent support tickets to gather more data, redirect customers to the right agent and update ticket status.


Lead Generation and Qualification

Voice calling to generate and qualify leads in minutes after they've contacted on your website or app, live transferring quality leads to your Sales team.


Renewal and Payment Reminders

Automatically remind customers to make credit card or EMI payments, renew insurance policies, or reorder essentials


Data Collection

Deploy AI Voice agents to collect and validate data from digital or voice channels, or clean up customer records on your CRM.

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