Free-up Human Agents

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen your brand. SupportBot lets you addresses frequent, simple customer queries so your are agents can focus on resolving more complex issues

Intent Matching

Instant Response Time

Don't keep customers waiting just to get initial help? Keeping them on hold for more than 60 minutes to get initial help increases a 70% chance of losing customers. Reduces the response time to 1 second with AI Bots that give instant response for basic questions

One Time Training

You not only need extra resources but you also keep training every new resource ``The way they should talk to your customers``. Chatbots just needs one time training and reduce the training cost by 10 times.

24/7 or Offline Hours Availability

Unlike agents who work in shifts or call in sick, AI bot can support or reach out to your users 24/7 by 365. Maximise your reach while saving on costs.

Everything You Need
to Build A Powerful ChatSupport



Speak to your users in their language! Now Interpret, Interact and Engage with users in more than 80 languages, including the most complex ones!



One Chatbot translates to wesbite, Mobile Apps, native web chat and SMS messaging! Conversations can seamlessly continue across multiple channels


Seamless Integration

The chatbot can be integrated with existing support services or any legacy systems compliant to all regulatory bodies



The bot self-trains its database with the missed utterances, to ensure it keeps updating itself regularly


Spell Check

The Ai engine is powered with Natural language processing which helps it to detect spelling errors or local lingo.


Conversations at Scale

The powerful AI engine is capable of handling 1000+ conversation with users at any given time concurrently.

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