One platform to manage and deploy all your applications.

OpenDaaS offers a secure solution that empowers remote workers to be productive working from home while keeping devices secure and allowing IT teams to manage devices remotely. Fluid AI takes care of the complex setup and maintenance of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and applications based on your needs, even for the most graphic-intensive applications.

Development to Production through One Unified Platform.

OpenDaaS makes it easy for businesses to migrate VDI workloads to cloud environments , while securely delivering desktops & apps on any device at any given time. Fluid AI leverages automation to provision VMs with Relational Databases in your Cloud environment, allowing IT admins to easily manage their entire workforce from a single control panel in the browser.

Single Control

Developers can easily access, manage and launch applications consistently across all environments through a single control browser panel

Identity and Access Management

Centralized console for user access and group management. Easily create new users or import users from your existing Active Directory

Automated Migration & Provisioning

OpenDaaS orchestrates the entire deployment with few simple clicks. Automatically creating required RDS server roles & provisioning VMs as a desktop infrastructure

Automate Image Management

With OpenDaaS, you can automate the creation and deployment of the image across multiple VMs, either manually or via Auto-Scaling.


What can you do with OpenDaaS?

DevOps engineers can create, run execute, track and monitor multiple applications in OpenDaaS platform. Whether be it physical or virtual machines, the containers can be scaled to mimic any environment, applications can be monitored for their response rate, performance, error detecting, quality testing and many more metrics can be recorded.

Accelerate productivity
with greater agility

Reduce Deployment Time

Deploy a complete DaaS environment on your Cloud environment in less than one hour

Reduced Consumption

Complete automation to scale cloud infrastructure and VMs based on real-time user demand.

Reduced Over-Head Costs

No specialised team required to manage, even a single junior-level sysadmins can manage a multi-regional cloud environment with virtually no training.