Digital Avatars for your In-Store and Branch Kiosk

Help customers find what they're looking for with integrated digital Assistant in your branch and store kiosks. The AI-powered Avatar interacts with customers through voice, touch and gesture, helping users through their decision-making journey by explaining product features, resolving queries and recommending relevant offers.


Make every interaction a smart interaction

The Kiosk Cognitive Layer seamlessly integrates with the AI Engine – backend SMARTS and the Avatar Conversational Layer, to provide a highly immersive and smart customer experience

Backend Smarts

Smart backend integration with real-time access to multiple Data Sources and easy navigation of User Data

Cognitive AI Engine

Cognitive AI Layer on Kiosk with NLP, Computer Vision, and Data Analytics capability for an exhilarating experience

AI Avatar

Interactive Digital Human Interface for a unique Audio Visual customer experience through voice, touch and gesture


Bank of America

Fluid AI has deployed Kiosk AI Avatars and gesture banking for Bank of America across 100 locations. Here's a peek of their People-less Branch Kiosk layer.


One Brain for all Use cases

The Conversational AI Layer can be tailored for Multiple use cases across different industries

Retail Kiosk

In-Store retail Koisk for smart customer interactions and Cross-Selling & Upselling product

Smart Ticket Kiosk

Smart Ticketing Kiosk to reduce the customer wait time and improve efficiency with faster service

Health care Kiosk

Health care kiosk for guidance, health-related discussion, and sharing useful tips with the users

In-Branch Kiosk

In-Branch Kiosk for users to experience end to end Banking Services in completely Human-less branches

Information Kiosk

Interactive Information Kiosk that guides and provides relevant information demanded by the users

Self Service Kiosk

Smart Self Service kiosk with instructions and guided flows for the users at Self Service terminals

Financial Kiosk

Analysis patterns from conversations & customer preferences to suggest relevant Financial products

Educational Kiosk

Educational Kiosk for smart and efficient learning with Two-way interaction for educational purpose

Exhibition Kiosk

Exhibition kiosk for hooking and increasing user engagement at an exhibition, trade show, seminars or brand activation


Avatar Experience Across All
Customer Touchpoints

Overcome Business Challenges with Ease


Reduce Customer Drop-offs

Reduce drop-offs by sparking curiosity and increases user engagement and dwell time by 5x.


Location Specific Interactions

Adaptable and Location Independent solution with Multilingual NLP based interactions to cater to a wide variety of markets.


Authentication & Validation

Collects and validates data from digital or voice channels, while also structuring and cleaning customer records on your CRM.


Save Human Resource

Not just limited to dropping off leads to agents, but manages and automates end to end marketing cycle till conversion and more.


Quick updates & Request handling

Quick turnaround in handling users request and providing information or updates


Human Escalation

Suggests an alternate approach or easily transfer calls to agents of the relevant division

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