Interact with the perfect Phygital Human

Humanize conversations with a Digital Human that thinks, speaks and interacts with your customers like a human. The Avatars can re-create human tone, conversation and expression to drive emotional connect and build trust with your audience visiting your website Mobile App or Mobile Website.

5X increase in Engagement time

From query resolution to providing product recommendations, avatars keep prospects interested and nurture them into high-quality leads. The avatar sparks curiosity and increases engagement time by 5X, in turn resulting in an impressive 30 % increase in conversion ratio.

Multi Screen

Avatar Experience Across All
Customer Touchpoints

Recreate your Brand Amabassadors

Brands and companies can influence their customers with Digital Avatars of celebrity Ambassadors across various channels or touchpoints - Be it on web or mobile browsers and applications or ATM Machine and Branch Kiosk, Celebrity Avatars can be easily deployed to create an engaging experience for your audience.

Celebrity Avatar

Overcome Business
Challenges with Ease


Increase Engagement

Sparks curiosity and increases user engagement and dwell time by 5x.


FAQ & Query resolution

Resolves user queries and answers FAQ’s in real-time, instantly.


Authentication & Validation

Collects and validates data from digital or voice channels, while also structuring and cleaning customer records on your CRM.


Service Optimization

Not just limited to dropping off leads to agents, but manages and automates end to end marketing cycle till conversion and more.


Quick updates & Request handling

Quick turnaround in handling users request and providing information or updates


Human Escalation

Suggests an alternate approach or easily transfer calls to agents of the relevant division

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