How Does Avatars Help?

With AI Avatars, you can curate immersive and engaging interactions with customers, that leave a big imprint of your organization’s products, services, ethics and culture.

Interactive Conversations

Natural Language Processing helps Avatars to understand the context of spoken words and respond to queries in Free Speech


Hands-On Demonstration

Avatar easily switches from one screen to another, creating an immersive 3D product demonstrations and presentations to customers .


Company Storytelling

Celebrity or Employee avatars can narrate compelling stories about the history, culture, vision and roadmap of your company.

Instant Photograph and Print

Bring an engaging Photo and Brand Experience in your Experience centre, where photography meets interactivity. Avatars offer customers and delegates the option to have their photos clicked, printed and framed instantly, thus leaving a power imprint of their official visit.

In addition, brands can put the customer at the heart of the experience by clicking customer photos with the Avatars of their Leadership team – both past and present.


Avatar Experience Across All
Customer Touchpoints

Create Amazing Experiences
for your customers


User Guidance & Navigation

Navigate customers through their experience centre journey, Helping them find what they want.


Customer Video Testimonials

Create very own customer Avatars that can read testimonials and experiences of working with your brand


Leadership Avatar Interaction

Recreate CXO and Director Avatars who can tell compelling stories to customers and employees.


Multilingual NLP

Interpret, Interact and engages with your customers in more than 80 languages


FAQ & Query resolution

Resolves user queries and answers Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ’s) in real-time.


Face & Motion Detection

Avatars can detect presence through Motion detection while remember and greet old faces with Face recognition