Your Front-Desk Virtual Reception

AI-Powered Digital Reception offers complete capabilities to automate reception services - Right from greeting and engaging walk-in visitors to resolving their queries, setting up interviews, re-routing calls and navigating to meeting rooms. The Avatar easily interacts like a human, creating a lasting impression with your visitor from the first touchpoint.

Multi Interactive screens

The automated reception can be configured to a multipurpose visitor management system

Home Screen

Visitors are greeted and guided to interact with the system by a digital receptionist.

Interview Screen

Candidates details are captured and they are assisted with the Interview process

Meeting Screen

Users details are registered and an alert is sent to all the participant employees

Visitor Screen

Visitor's details and visit purpose are captured and shared with the admin

Delivery Screen

Employee list is provided for the delivery person to connect from Digital Reception


ID Badges Printed


Calls Routed


Visitors Processed


Employees Screened

Responsive on
Tablet, Kiosk or Television

Face Recognition and Voice Enabled

Interact with employees and visitor as they enter your office with Face Recognition. Users can speak to the system and let it know the purpose of their visit


Your AI Reception won't call in sick! works 24x7x365, getting smarter and better with every interaction.

Unlimited Call Handling

Swifty connects the incoming phone call to the right employee or person everytime, on time.

Natural Language Processing

With Natural Language Processing, The digital reception understands, speaks and converses with your visitor just like a human.


Speak to your visitors in their language, The digital human can be programmed to interact in over 80 global languages

Motion Detection

Motion detection to detect visitors as soon as they enter office premises. Auto-engage with users based on their motion, greeting and assisting them.

AI Reception

Avatar Experience Across All
Customer Touchpoints

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